Morning call 



More than a simple alarm clock, the morning-call application helps you start the day with:

* Sunrise simulator, using your bedside lamp to simulate the sunrise.

* Preheating, to warm up the towel before the wake-up time.

* Morning time, to maintain the bedroom bright all morning long.

* Day of the week setting, so you can disable the alarm on weekends.

Imagine waking up in the morning with a soft warm lights that gradually rise up just like the sunrise....

As the Sunrise Simulator wakes you up softly, the alarm melody is just there to remind you that it is time to get off bed.

A while earlier, the preheat function has already turned on the bathroom heater so that the bathroom and the towel will be warm when you actually get up. And all through the morning time, the bedroom will be brightly lit, to keep the ambient up.

The MorningCall is one of room-service application designed to help you start the day.

So much more than just an alarm clock, the morning call includes other useful features such as:

Weekday setting

Other than the wake up time, you can also set the weekdays on which you want the morning call to be active, so, no alarms on saturdays and sundays!


You can choose among the available classic melodies that we've chosen for you. Or you can download your own, as the recognize a well known melody format (RTX or RTTTL).

Snooze time

Snooze time is also configurable. Once the alarm sets off, a touch on any key will stop the melody and restarts the alarm for another snooze time.

Sunrise Simulator

Connect a bedside lamp or other lamp in the bedroom to the sunrise simulator, as long as it supports dimming function, it will gradually lights up before the alarm sets off. (All incandescent lamps do!).

You can even set how fast the sun should rise.

Preheat function

The preheat function should be connected to a bathroom heater, or any other appliances which will be turned on at certain time before the alarm. You can set the time and the duration for the preheat to remains on.

Morning Time

The morning-time function lets you keep a light or other appliances on after the alarm sets off. It is nice to keep the bedroom light on while you're preparing for the day.

Find other setting for MorningCall in the user manual.