Via-Ingénovie: De-Centralized Energy Management System 


Presenting via-Ingénovie: De-centralized energy management system offering considerable functional and economical benefits compared to traditional building automation system :

* Decentralized / Distributed System, that continues to operate even when the server or network down.

* IP Network + Powerline (Carrier-current) system : It uses existing electrical installation, and local area network infrastructure that may already exist in most building, simplifying installation and maintenance.

* Intelligent energy management according to user presence and environment. You define the parameters, and the system will apply them automatically according to the appropriate context.

* Easy to use Web interface, accessible from any computer, or through the internet.

Target applications:

* Hotels, service apartments and hospitals: All facilities with rooms where the guest comes and go, our system automate the energy saving while assuring the comfort when the guest is present.

* Small buildings, offices, medical centers, or old buildings: All buildings where new wiring to each appliance (radiators or air-conditioners) is not feasible: All applications where traditional wired-automation system can not enter for technical installation difficulties or economical reasons.

* Rented offices: Move along the energy-management system when the company change address! This is unthinkable with traditional automation system.

Components of via-Ingénovie System:

* via-Server: The central management unit of the via-Ingenovie system is nothing but a small web-server that you can install somewhere in the building. You can access it from any computer, through the internet, or even from a smart-phone.

* The room-manager: Just plug it in the room, this small smart-managemer unit can manage a room or a zone. It detects the presence of a user, ambient temperature and lighting, and it will apply the energy-setting parameters accordingly.

* And these small control-moduls, to be installed behind each appliances to be controlled: An air-conditionner, heater/radiator, or water heater.

Two-tier communication network:

* IP network between room-manager and the via-Server: To transfer the settings and commandes, and the returned information. This networks is not critical to the system operation: The temperature management will continue to operate even with the IP network down.

* Powerline (carrier-current) network: Locally in each room/zone, using the existing electrical installation, this powerline network allos each room-manager to control the modules/appliances without installing new wires.

Easy Energy Management with via-Ingénovie:

* Small easy-to-configure web-server: All configuration settings can be done through internet browser.

* You can easily redefine the building layout: the number of floors, the rooms, according to your project. In a few clicks you can visualize the whole building.

* Starts with a small system, and let it grow: add new room-managers, add new appliances to be controlled.

* Define the appliances in each room, set the parameters and let it runs.

* Starts saving energy by defining the temperature profile of each room based on user presence and according to other context such as days and night time.

* Monitor the whole installation, observe the temperature and occupation rate of the rooms, and the energy consumption.

* Re-schedule the loads, plans certain devices to run during low-rate period.

 Ingénovie is looking for partners to commercialize our new system: Look at these air-conditioners or electrical radiators around you: there are energy saving we can make. Wherever you are in the world, if you happens to have such project, or would like to explore these opportunities, don't hesitate to contact us: