Small switch and lamp dimmer module.

LiSwitch is a small switch module to control a lamp, or other small electrical appliances with the Room-Service home automation system.

Liswitch can also function as a lamp dimmer if connected to an incandescent lamp, or other type of lamps that support this function.

You can connect lamps or small electrical devices up to 500W, and it will be immediately manageable from the room manager.

The module is in the form of an extension cord, as easy to install and as easy to use.


Manual Control

There's one push button on the LiSwitch;

You can position the module facing up, or facing down, in which case the whole casing becomes the push button.

* Push it once to turn on the light and push it again to turn the lights off.

* Push it and hold, and the lamp will starts dimming up or down gradually, on 16 dimming levels.

The dimming function is disabled by default. You must enable the dimming function from the device setup menu in the room manager. Make sure that the lamp connected supports this function.

The room managers always take into account the manual control that you give as the highest priority level command compared to the automatic commands given by any applications. The manual command you give is valid either until you leave, until you come back or valid forever. You can set this setting from the Device Setting menu, or from the device shortcut in the room manager.

You can do all these manual control also from the room manager.

By assigning a shortcut, and icon and a label of your choice, you would be able to access individually a number of lamps or devices from the main menu.

From the setup menu you would also be able to assign the LiSwitch to a certain function or application, for example the bedside lamp can be connected to the sunrise-simulator function in the MorningCall application.


* Plug the module to an electric outlet. Avoid power bar with surge protection or a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) since these device may block the communication between the module and a room manager.

* Plug the lamp or the electrical appliances to be controlled to the module.

* You must keep the power switch of the appliances or lamp on the ON position. The LiSwitch module will do the power switching.

* If you plug the module to an outlet linked to a wall switch, you must put the wall switch permanently on the ON position (otherwise the room manager won't be able to send command to the module).

Tips & Tricks: Recovering Wall Switch.

It's not easy to give up the reflex to flip on and off the wall switch as we're entering or leaving the room. With LiSwitch it is possible to recover the function of the wall switch by following the installation tips below:

Connect the two poles of the wall switch like the schema on the left, so that the wall outlet is always in ON position.

With this small modification, there's no way to cut the power supply to the LiSwitch module connected to the wall outlet.

So when you flip the wall switch, the LiSwitch module will detect a short interruption when the wall switch change position, and it will alternately turn on and off the light each time.

From now on, you can use the wall switch like before, and this will be taken into account by the room-manager like a manual command on the LiSwitch button.

Product Sheet - LiSwitch LSW101

Installation demo:


 Ingénovie home automation system, installation of LiSwitch lamp dimmer module and room-manager Daisy for automatic lighting according to your presence.