A day with Daisy


It's just practical really,

I went home the other night, with both hands full of groceries. As I managed to open up the door, Daisy turns on the lights so I can find my way to the kitchen....


My nice apartment is already warm; Daisy has turned on the heaters as she's been expecting me 15 minutes ago. Too bad she can't open the door for me, or put these groceries into the fridge.

I was really tired, plus there was nothing on TV. So after dinner, I tossed everything into the dishwasher, and went straight to bed. No worries, Daisy shall turn off the lights and heater in the living room after I left. And later she would also start the washing machine when the tariff is lower (thanks to Brice my bricoleur-boyfriend; see him wire-up the dishwasher here.)

In the morning she wakes me up at 7, softly turning on the lights like a sunrise; it's usually still dark outside. During winter days like these, little things like that really helps me regain my self. The morning-call melody finally was just to give me the last kick out of bed, as Daisy has already warmed up the bathroom for me.

Then a quick breakfast, the news said it's going to rain the whole day. (Daisy turned on the TV while I prepared breakfast), Got the umbrella, and up I go for another day's work. No worries, a few minutes after I left Daisy should turn off the heaters, lights and the TV as well, waiting for my return.



Daisy is really a live saver, what would my electricity bill be without her...

Edito: this article is an illustration of ingénovie home automation system; see product page for details.