* Smart thermostat, according to your presence, for example,

20°C when you're there, and 17°C when you're away, and why not 10°C during your long vacations.

* The thermostat setting changes automatically, without waiting for your command.

* Consumption history, per hour and per day, to help you manage your heating cost.

* Quick thermostat setting, from the main menu, just like a simple thermostat.


AutoHeating is a smart thermostat program designed to manage your heaters, to save energy when you're not around, and to keep you warm during your stay.

Just like a simple thermostat, you can simply set a temperature setting to your comfort.

Unlike a simple thermostat, you can set more specifically different thermostat setting for different modes, according to your presence.

The following is a typical setting that would allow you to optimize the energy saving, while maintaining the temperature at a comfortable level while you're there.

* 19C for In-room mode and Sleep mode, or set to a comfortable temperature that you wish to have when you're in the room.

* 18C for At-home mode, since you've just left the room and you might come back again soon, it may be wise to maintain the temperature close to comfortable level.

* 17C for Night mode, for rooms which are unoccupied overnight, during these hours it's not necessary to keep thermostat high.

* 16C for Away mode, as when you're away for the day, it's possible here to save energy significantly by lowering the thermostat.

* 10C for Vacation mode, for longer absence, it's best however, to keep the temperature setting above freezing level.

Once you set these setting, there's nothing else to do! The AutoHeating will appy the correct setting based on your presence, and help you save energy automatically while you're away, and giving you the right comfort during your stay.

You can find other settings for AutoHeating in the User Manual.