infrared baby-feeder


We name it Biberon (french for baby bottle) because this little card allows you to feed your room manager with new functionalities and make it more intelligent.

You can upgrade embedded software of the room manager using this card and a PC with USB port. The software downloader and latest software releases are available on our download section.

The biberon (infrared baby-feeder) is now available in our online shop.

How to install:

Plug in the biberon (infrared baby-feeder) to a USB port on your PC. The device will be detected automatically as a serial port, and it's driver will be installed automatically. Note the Com Port number that is assigned to this device; for example Com3.

* Install the software downloader found here (Flash Utility) .

* Run the flash-utility and select the com port assigned to the biberon, and set the baud-rate to 19200 bps.

* That's it for the installation.

Baby-feeding session

How to baby-feed (download) a new software:

* Download from our download area the software (flash-file) that you want to baby-feed to the room-manager.

* Launch the Flash-utility. On the Flash-Programming area, browse and select the file that you wish to baby-feed.

* Click "Upload to Flash". (The software will ask you to reset the system and press OK to start).

Now on the room manager:

* Go to menu : [  Setup ] and then [  System ] and [  Downloading].

* Stick the biberon to the face of the room-manager using the suction cup. Align the biberon to the Up and Down keys, as these keys are used as infrared link between the biberon and the room manager.

* Select Confirm to start the baby-feeding session, the screen will turn off, and the room manager is waiting for the baby-feeding session to start.

* Click OK on the Flash Utility software (on your PC) to start the baby-feeding session.

* Both suction cups will start to blink (from the leds on it's back) indicating that the baby-feeding session is in progress.

* When the baby-feeding session is done, the room-manager will reboot and runs the new software.


1. Automatic driver installation is tested in windows XP. For other operating systems, or other version of windows, here's the link to download the serial driver:

2. If the communication is interrupted during a baby-feeding session, the room-manager may fall in an unknown state, because the software is only partially available on it's memory. To restart the baby-feeding session, you must reset the room manager by 3-5 times power-cycles (turn on for 1-2 seconds, and off for at least 10 seconds, repeat 3-5 times). Then it is ready to restart baby-feeding again.

3. All setups are erased after baby-feeding.