[ Devices ] Setup



* [ Device List ] Menu

* Research the devices on the network

* [  Room Manager ] Menu

[ Device List ] Menu

This menu lists the devices which can be managed by the room-manager.

[  Room Manager ] :

Network parameters setup for the room-manager.

   lamp ]:

A detected device. The checked-box in front of the icon means that the device is already configured. The right key leads to the menu [  Device Setup ].

  new ]: Other detected device could be displayed. Unchecked box means that device is not configured yet.

Search devices on the network

When you enter the [  Devices ] menu, the room-manager search all available devices in the network by sending request for identification.

The devices having the “house” identifier and “room” identifier corresponding to those of the room-manager would answer to this request for identification.

Un-configured devices having the identifier house [  255 ] will also answer to this call.

Each detected device is then displayed on the screen. If a configuration exists for a device, it will appear with it's icon and label, otherwise it will be displayed as [   new ].

When a device is selected on the menu, its network identifier is displayed below, for example:[  001  002  003 ]. In this example the device concerned belongs to house number 1, in room number 2 and having device identifier number 3. A new un-configured device will have house identifier  255.

The right key on each device gives access to its setup menu. Each device has its own driver software and its own setup. The menu [  Device Setup ] for LiSwitch and PoSwitch can be found on the following chapter. (For other devices, consult the corresponding user guide).

 Room Manager ] Menu

This menu allows you to configure the network identifier of the room-manager, for example to assign it to the room in which it is installed.

 house id  001  ]

Modify the house identifier. The room-manager communicates with other room-managers having the same house identifier. Therefore room-managers of a given house will not disturb those of another other houses.

[ room id.  002  ]

Modify the room identifier. The room-manager can manage devices having the same room identifier. In other words, the manager of one room cannot control the devices of another rooms.