General information 


* Idle screen

* Menu [  Home ]

* Menu [ Shortcut ]

* Menu [ Selection ]

Find below the common screens and menu used in the room-service software.

Idle screen


Date, Time

Current Mode

Motion detector indicator (upper bar graph)

Presence detector indicator (lower bar graph)

Ambient temperature

"Morning call" alarm active / inactive.

The idle screen is displayed either after 3 minutes of inactivity, or with the left key from the home menu. After another 3 minutes of inactivity the room manager will turn off the display, and the screen will turn on again as soon as and as long as motion is detected in the room.

Menu [  Home ] :

Example of home menu :

 Change mode ] .

 lamp ] (a short cut to this device)

 Setup ]

There are two permanent elements on the home menu:

 Change mode ] and

 Setup ].

Certain applications and devices allows you to add a short cut on this main page.

Menu [ Shortcut ]

You can find this menu line from setup menu of an application or a device. It allows you to add a shortcut to the home menu for quick access of the device/application's setting.

 Activ ] :Check the box with the right key to activate/desactivate the short cut.

[ Position   0  ]: Use the left - right arrow keys/to fix the position of the short cut on the home page.

 Cancel Saveok.png ]: Use the left key to cancel and the right key to validate the modification.

Menu [ Selection ]

This menu allows you to select one item or a file for certain applications. You can reach this menu starting from various setup menus. For example, the menu [  Language ] allows to choose the user interface language.

 label   ] Each item is preceded by a checkbox. Check the box with the right key to select an item, uncheck the box with the left key to unselect the item.

When item is selected, the others items will be unselected.

Certain applications like the language selection requires the selection of at least one item.