Low cost installation 


A visitor asked me one day, “Can we have all heatings and lightings of a house or an apartment managed by ONE room-manager ?”


Well, certainly! It is possible to start the installation of a room-service system with only one room-manager. The system is so flexible that you can at any the time add another room-manager to split the installation into different zones as necessary.

Here is an illustration for a two bedrooms apartment...

You can find the preconfigured packs according to this article in our shop:

Eco-pack 3 Rooms, if you have three heaters to be managed.

Eco-pack 4 Rooms, if you have four heaters to be managed.

How it works,

Install the room manager in the livingroom or near the entrance.

When you arrive, the room manager detects your presence and apply the comfort setting. As long as you stay there (in-room mode and at-home mode), this comfort setting will remain active, in which all heaters will be managed by the "Autoheating" application to keep the whole house warm.

During the night, when the living room is unoccupied, the room-manager will apply the Night mode, in which you can set for comfort setting, or energy saving setting individually to each radiator, depending to where it is installed:

* The radiators in the living room, being in the same room as the integrated thermostat, can continue to be managed by the "Autoheating" software (Programmable / Intelligent Thermostat), but we can set the thermostat on a lower level (for example 17C).

* On the other hand, the radiator in the bedroom can be maintained at high level (detached from the thermostat / "Autoheating" application) during the night-mode to keep temperature in the bedroom at a comfortable level.

* The heaters in unoccupied rooms (for example, in the office) can be brought to the lowest level all the night to save energy.

The night mode is activated only when your presence is detected at least once during the evening.

During your absences / holidays, the vacation mode or away mode will be activated (night mode will not be activated since you do not come back in the evening). In these modes, all heaters, controlled by "Autoheating", can be brought to the lowest level to save energy even further.


* Install one PoSwitch behind each heater, as in exemple above, of a two bed-rooms apartment with four radiators.

* Install the room-manager (Daisy or Wally) in the living room (or close to the entrance) so that it can detect you as soon as you arrive back home.

* One or two LiSwitches can be installed in the living room, and be connected to the "Autolighting" application, but this software can not manage the lighting in another room since the room manager can not know if the bedroom is occupied or not.


After installation, the four PoSwitches must be linked to the "Autoheating" (Intelligent thermostat.)application See user guide on [Choose Application] menu for more detail.

The LiSwitch can be connected to the "Autolighting" (automatic lighting) application to turn on the light in the living room necessarily.

The "Autoheating" application must be configured as follow :

* In-room mode, At-home mode and Night mode : set the thermostat for comfort setting, for example 20C. (you may do the same for sleep mode also in case someone sleeps on the sofa.)

* Night mode: Set for low temperature during night mode, to save energy while the room is inoccupied (in general you can gain up to 7% of your heating bill for each degree less).

* Away mode and Vacation Mode: set for energy saving setting, for example 17C for mode absent, and 10C for vacation mode.

For the Night mode, the PoSwitch in the bedroom can be put to "Always-ON" setting, and its levels can be positioned individually to maintain the rooms at a comfortable level.

Preconfigured Packs :

We've made all these settings for you, in these preconfigured packs that you can find in our shop to install quickly and economically a room-service system in your home:

Eco-pack 3 Rooms : For apartement or house with three heaters.

Eco-pack 4 Rooms : For apartement or house with four heaters.

And after,…

* You can add a PoSwitch behind the towel heater, and connect it to the “Pre-heating” function of the "Morning Call" application.

* You can also add a LiSwitch on the bedside lamp in the bedroom, and then connect it to the “Sunrise Simulator” and “Morning-Hour” functions in the "Morning Call" application. (With only one room-manager, unfortunately, the alarm ring will come from the living room.)

* And one nice day, why not add a room-manager in the bedroom.