Pack Furnace: Automate your energy saving 


The price of gas and heating oil continues to raise, the energy cost follows inevitably the price of oil, what to do?

When you're there, at home, the priority is on the comfort, evidently. But when you're away, can't we help you to avoid such a waste of energy?...

Ingénovie propose to you the Pack-Furnace, the latest of our ready-to-install packs preconfigured this time to manage a gas or oil furnace according to your presence.

With this pack, the furnace will be controlled by the new Rémo-C module, for temperature management as well as day&night function (for furnace that support such functionality).

The Rémo-C can also co-exist with a mechanical thermostat if it already exist.

Installation is very simple, no network/control wiring is necessary since Ingénovie home automation system is using the existing electrical installation for home automation network that covers the whole house.

In the following video you would find an installation demo on an old gas furnace.


A room-manager is included in this pack. This device is capable of detecting your presence and manage the temperature intelligently.

During your absence, the room-manager will lower it's internal thermostat, to an energy-saving level, for example at 16°C, to reduce your heating consumption.

As soon as you arrive back home, or at a pre-programmed hour, it will raise the thermostat level to a comfortable level to welcome you home.

To learn more about it, please find the "autoheating" application, and other applications that is available on your room-manager.

Other than the smart-thermostat functionality, the pack-furnace includes also a light dimmer module (LiSwitch) for automatic lighting management, according to your presence, and according to necessity.

In the living room, or in the entrance, the lamp will turn on as you arrive, only when it's necessary. (Find out more about the "autolighting" application that manage this functionality, and also the "morning-call" application, with it's sunrise simulator to wake you up in the morning.)

Other modules can be added later on, with this modular system, for example to start a washing machine during low-rate hours with the "anytime" application.

More than one room-managers can also co-exist in the same house, and will talk to each other to synchronize their work.

Find here the Pack Furnace at 529€ in our online shop.