Power Switch Module


PoSwitch is a small relay module designed to replace the cable outlet that supplies electricity to appliances such as electric heater, air conditioner or others

It can communicate with a room manager through the existing electrical installation (power line carrier network).

The PoSwitch module can control the power consumption of a heater connected to it by varying the on-off cycle. You can set the power level from the room-manager.

And like other modules, you can link the PoSwitch to any applications running in the room manager, for example to the "Preheat" function on the "Morning-Call" application.


* Replace cable outlet, fits into flush-mount round mounting box of 60mm diameter, 30mm depth.

* Switch up to 3600W (16A) loads, such as electric heater, air conditioner, etc.

* Power Cycling function, with 16 levels of duty cycle, to control heating power level.

* Communicate to the room manager via the powerline network.


PoSwitch is designed to replace the cable outlet of an electrical heater.

Unhook the electrical heater from the wall, and simply replace the cable outlet with the module.

Follow the installation manual.

Product Sheet - PoSwitch PSW101 (english)

Installation demo:


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