programmable relay module

to control a furnace,

air-conditionners, houshold appliances,

or other electrical loads

according to your presence

in a Room-Service

Home Automation System.


The Rémo-C module contains two independent relays allowing a room-manager to manage two electrical loads, for example:

* A gas furnace / heater, either for the temperature management (thermostat) and also for day/night function if the furnace supports this function.

* An air-conditioner, for temperature management and also for automatic shutdonw during your absence.

* A water heater or other houshold appliances, to start at a specific time during low-rate hours.

* A strong lighting element, for example, a chandelier, or architectural lighting.

* A small electrical pumps, or electric-valves for sprinkler control, fountain animation, filling up container, etc.

* Interface with an alarm system, to trigger the alarm or to activate it automatically when everybody left the house.

* Interface with a HVAC or other ventilation system.

* To control an electric outlet and other appliances like TV, Hifi, etc.


* Two independent relays with unassigned output contacts for Norma-Open and Normal-Closed connections.

* Two input contacts for thermostat, switch, push button or other sensors.

* Various programmable input functions: momentary-contact, inverse-logic, toggle mode, and link to output relay.

* Various programmable function for the relays: Momentary pulse mode, (eg. for starting up a machine), timer mode (with programmable maximum on-time).

* DIN-Rail format.

Simple Installation

Thanks to the DIN-Rail format, the Rémo-C module can be simply installed in an electrical cabinet or in a proper enclosure according to the application, for example in a weather-proof enclosure for outdoor installation.


Coexisting with mechanical thermostat

The Rémo-C can replace a thermostat to give a more intelligent energy and temperature management according to the presence of habitants.

It can also be connected in series or in parallel with an existing mechanical thermostat, giving it a mechanical fail-back system, for example to use the room-thermostat during your stay and to save energy in your absence.

This configuration allows the room-manager to use the mechanical setting given by the room-thermostat during your stay, and to lower the temperature during your absence to save energy.

Device driver software

The device driver software for Rémo-C is integrated in the Room-Service software suite (from version 2.1.5 and above).

* Automatic identification of devices available in the network.

* Independent configuration for each Input/Output.

* Manual command: On or Off.

* Shortcut from main menu.

* Customising label associated to the device.

* Independent configuration of each relay with a Room-Service application.

* Modification of device identification / network address.parametres.png

Room-Service software suites

Rémo-C, like other devices managed by a room-manager can be associated with one or more application from the Room-Service software suite.

Independent Configuration

Each Relay/Input is considered as one independent device and can be configured with any application.

Each link has it's own specific configuration, allowing you to create specific setting to be applied for each context or application.

Installation demo


other videos by ingenovie


Technical spécifications:

Power Supply:

- Voltage : 230V 50/60Hz

Powerline Network

- Protocol : PoliNet

- Frequency : 132 khz

- Compatibility : EN50065

Weight and dimensions

- Dimensions : 70 x 90 x 58 mm (l x h x p)

- Weight : 250 g.


- Rail DIN EN 60 715 TH35.

- Option for wall-mount with two screws.


Switch capacity

- Non inductive load : 10A (2300W).

Cable diameter:

- 0,5mm to 4,0 mm.

Auto off

- Programmable delay from 1 minutes to 256 minutes.

Pulse Mode

- Pulse length programmable from 16ms to 4 seconds by steps of 16ms.


- Dry contact / thermostat.

- TTL / Open collector compatible.

- Momentary contact mode.

- Inverse mode.

- Toggle mode

Product Sheet - Rémo-C RMC101