Remo V - Relay Module for motorised shades/blindes


We listen to your requests!

Democratically, you've expressed your wish to have the rolling shutter / shades managed by the room manager. (28.8% winter polls 2007)

Your wish is our command!

remov_anim_200.jpgHere is the Remo V (RMV101) - Relay Module for motorized rolling shutter / shade.

When nobody is detected in the house, Daisy (or Wally) take the initiative to close the shutter while waiting for your return.

And as soon as you arrive, the room manager can raise the shutter to let the daylight in.

For further security, you can also configure it such that openning of shutters should only be done manually, by touching one of the keys on the room-manager.

Do you know?

A closed shutter can reduce heat loss up to 60%! A double-layered window with shutter open loss more energy than a single-layered window with a shutter closed !

A closed shutter during your absences can reinforce the security of the house.

The Rémo-V module is now available in our online-shop!