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Menu [  Day&Night ]

The Day & Night application detect the ambient lighting changes to detect dawn and dusk transition. You can define the detection period, for example from 6:00 to 9:00 for the dawn, and from 17:00 to 21:00 for the dusk, to accomodate seasonal and daily variations.

A few conditions are necessary to make reliable detection:

* Dawn detection: The detection level must be higher than the ambiant lighting during the night. Avoid direct lights (night-lighting) that may avoid proper detection of the sunrise.

* Dusk detection: The detection level must be lower than the daylights in the afternoon such that the sunset transition can be detected properly.

If the ambient lighting condition does not allow proper detection of the dawn/ dusk, then the time of the previous day's detection is used to simulate transition for the day.

If more than one room-managers are installed in the same house, the one that detect the first transition will inform other room-managers to synchronize the detection.

Menu [  Day&Night ]

In this menu you will find the settings for this application:

[ Ambient lighting level ]

On this indicator you can see the ambient lighting compared to the detection level.

[ Set Night detection ][  ----------o-----------------   ]

[last detection:][night 21:00 - 6:00]

Adjust the marker to the right or to the left to set the detection level. The last detection time may help to verify if the detection has been done properly.

[Set night time]

[from  21:00 à 6:00  ]

This setting allows you to set the night period. The twilight detection is not active during this night period.

[Twilight period]

 240  minutes ]

Allow you to define the twilight detection period.

 Cancel Confirm   ]

To cancel or confirm the settings.