Setup for [ Auto-heating ] application


* [  Auto-heating ] Menu

* [config.pngConfig application ] menu for [  Auto-heating ]

The Auto-heating application automatically manages the heatings according to your presence and taking into account the mode in progress.

 Auto-heating ] Menu

[ State   ]

Display the current state of the Auto-heating application, symbolized by the icon heating on  or heating off .

[ in mode: auto ]

Display in which configuration the Auto-heating application is turning. “auto” means that the application turns with the configuration by default. If a configuration exists for the current mode, then the contextual setting will be applied, and the name of the current mode will be posted in the place of “auto”, for example [in mode: present].

[Temp. ambient 20.0°C] Indicates the ambient temperature.

[T-stat 20.0°C + 0.5] Indicates the current thermostat.

[Histogram of %actif/hour]

Statistics of the activities per hour over the last days. Use the right/left key to show other statistical histograms.

[Histogram of %actif/day]

Statistics of the activities per day of the past week. You can note, for example, the differences in consumption between working day and non working day.

[Histogram of %actif/month]

Statistics of the activities per month over the year.

[ Thermostat  20.0°C  ]

Default thermostat setting. This default setting is applied when there is no contextual setting for the current mode.

[Short cut]

This menu enables you to have a quick access to the thermostat setting for the current mode from the home. For more detail, see chapter “General Information”.

[Contextual Config]

In this menu you will find the list of the modes.

[  Away Mode ]

[  At-home Mode ]

 In-room Mode ]

 Sleep Mode ]

[  Vacation Mode ]

 Night Mode ]

Each mode leads to the [  config-application ] menu to make the adjustment of the Autoheating application for the selected mode. The checked box means that contextual configuration between the Autoheating application and the mode concerned is already defined.

Menu [  Config application ] for [  Auto-heating ]

[ Thermostat  20.0°C   ]

Thermostat setting for the selected mode.

[ Variance  0.5°C  ] + /- of the thermostat. This adjustment makes it possible to control the tolerance of temperature control. A more important variance can reduce the frequency to which the heating must make the on/off cycles.


The Auto-heating application is activated during the selected mode.

[Inactive Mode]

The Auto-heating application is disactivated during the selected mode.

 Cancel Save  ]

Right key to validate the modifications, left key to cancel.

 Delete  ]

The right key erases the contextual configuration between Auto-heating application and the selected mode.