Setup for [ Auto-lighting ] application


* [  Auto-lighting ] menu

* [config.pngConfig application ] menu for [  Auto-lighting ]

The Auto-lighting application turn on the lights when somebody is present in the room, and turn them off when it is unoccupied.

Menu [  Auto-lighting ]

In this menu you will find the adjustments for this application:

[Ambient light indicator]

On this indicator you can visualize the ambient lighting compared to the detection level.

[ Light on/off level ] [left.pngbarbalise.pngright.png]

Adjust the cursor to the left and to the right to adjust the minimum level of light. If, the room being occupied, the ambient light falls below this detection level, the room-manager will turn on the light. If the room-manager estimates that the room would be sufficiently lighted without maintaining the lights on, it will turn them off. Once you leave the room, the room-manager will turn off all the lights.

[ State  ]

Display the current state of Auto-lighting, symbolized by the icon lamp on  or the lamp off  .

[in mode: auto]

Display in which configuration the Autolighting application is turning.

“in mode : auto” means that the application runs with the default configuration. If a configuration exists for the current mode, this fcontextual setting will be applied, and the name of the current mode will be displayed in place of “auto”, for example: [in mode: present]

[Histogram of %actif/hour]

Statistics of the activities per hour over the last day.

[Config contextual]

In this menu you will find the list of modes available:

 Away Mode]

[  At-home Mode]

 In-room Mode]

 Vacation Mode]

 Night Mode]

Each line leads to the [  config-application] menu to make the adjustment for the Auto-Lighting application in the selected mode. A checked box means that contextual configuration between the application [ Auto-lighting] and the selected mode is already defined.

Menu [  Config application ] for [  Auto-lighting ]

[ Ambient light indicator]

[Light On/Off level]

For adjustment of minimum level of desired lighting.

[Auto Mode ON/OFF]

Allows Auto-lighting to turn on the lights if needed, or to turn them off if it does not consider it necessary.

[Auto Mode ON]

Allows Auto-lighting to turn on the lights if needed and then to maintain them on until you leave the room.

[Inactive Mode].

Desactivate the Auto-lighting application as long as the selected mode is active.

 Cancel Save  ]

The right key validates the modifications of contextual setting, the left key cancels them.

 Delete  ]

The right key erases the contextual configuration between Auto-lighting application and the selected mode.