Room-Service Suite is a group of application software that runs on a room-manager. These applications runs in parallel and independently one and the other.

You can configure a device to be controlled by one or more applications, for example you can link a lamp to the Auto-Lighting application and at the same time to the Sunrise simulator.

If two applications wants to take control of a device at the same time, access is given to the application with highest priority. In the case given, the SunRise simulator should have higher priority than the the Auto-Lighting. So only after the sunrise simulation is done, that control will be given to the AutoLighting to manage the room-lighting automatically. You can also modify the priority to each link between application and a device.

An application can also be configured as a dependent to another application. For example, you can configure that the Morning-Call application should be active only when you're staying at home, since there's no reason to run the sun-rise simulator when you're away on vacation.

With this flexible configuration you can program the room-manager to act the way you would want it to be in every given situation.



One mode for each occasion. The room-manager can activate automatically one of the modes below, according to your presence. 

* In-room mode, when your presence is detected in the room.

* At-home mode, your presence is detected in other rooms.

* Sleep mode, while you're sleeping in this room.

* Night mode, all night long, when the room is left unoccupied.

* Away mode, while you're away.

* Vacation mode, during your long vacations.




Programmable timer / scheduler to run devices and applications at a certain time of day, on date constraints and even weekly schedule.

* Create one schedule for each specific need. For example a schedule for winter to start heating application.

* Programmable starting and ending date and time.

* Programmable activation on certain days of the week.

* For example to turn on certain lighting every saturdays and sundays from 9pm to 11pm from dec 1, until 1st of january.




Twilight detector to turn on night light or outdoor lighting at night fall until dawn.

* Dusk and dawn transition detection, with smart algorithm to avoid detection error due to night lighting or climatic condition.

* Synchronized network-detection.

All room-managers will watch for the sunset and the one who detect it first will tell the others to synchronize the transition time.

If for example a room-manager misses the dusk or dawn detection (because of public-lighting or blocked by the shades), the other room-manager will inform it when the transition time comes.

* Detection time range. You can define the twilight detection time range, for example from 5pm to 9pm, to avoid detection outside twilight time due to climatic conditions.


Morning call

More than a simple alarm clock, the morning-call application helps you start the day with:

* Sunrise simulator, using your bedside lamp to simulate the sunrise.

* Preheating, to warm up the towel before the wake-up time.

* Morning time, to maintain the bedroom bright all morning long.

* Day of the week setting, so you can disable the alarm on weekends.




* Automatic lighting, according to your presence, as necessary.

* Minimum ambient light setting.

* Conditional dimmer setting for each lamp, depending on current mode.

This allows you for example, to first have the ambient lighting on when you enter the room and then the main lamp when you stay longer.

* Continuous lighting evaluation.

When the sun shines back, or when you open the curtain, the room manager turns off the lamps if the day-light is enough to keep the room bright.




* Smart thermostat, according to your presence, for example,

20°C when you're there, and 17°C when you're away, and why not 10°C during your long vacations.

* The thermostat setting changes automatically, without waiting for your command.

* Consumption history, per hour and per day, to help you manage your heating cost.

* Quick thermostat setting, from the main menu, just like a simple thermostat.